The Kresge Foundation just published a special two-part series, With Water, highlighting the impact and importance of Thrive New Orleans.

These print and audio interviews go in-depth to show how our organization is creating a pipeline of economic opportunity with our climate resiliency training program and how we are working to make residents safer through green infrastructure.

“I am very proud that The Kresge Foundation got to see firsthand the work of Thrive and the people we impact,” said Chuck Morse, Thrive New Orleans Executive Director. “I’m even more proud that they chose to spotlight our organization because the importance of climate resilience and equity is prevalent now more than ever and it is critical that these stories are told so that we can receive the crucial support and allyship from like-minded individuals and organizations who want to help us in our mission to make a better New Orleans.”

Please enjoy and share the stories!

Listen to Part 1 of the audio story here to hear how Thrive New Orleans envisions greater climate resiliency, racial equity with green infrastructure.

Listen to Part 2 of the audio story here to hear how Thrive New Orleans is promoting climate resiliency & preventing flooding by rebuilding yard by yard.