The 9th Ward is Our Home

Its past is our past, and we’re invested in shaping its future together

Raising the Next Generation of Indigenous Leaders

Every staff member was once a kid looking up to 9th ward leaders; now we are those leaders. Thrive 9th Ward is a constant support pillar in the lives of young children in the neighborhood that grows with them as they become teenagers and adults, encouraging them to take pride in our shared roots.

Indigenous Leaders

Our staff and physical space both have deep roots in the 9th Ward, and we aren’t going anywhere.

Kids with Mentors

From our teen camp counselors to our coaches to our directors, the youth at T9 always have someone beside them who they can look up to and relate to.

Specialized Job Training

We create opportunities for kids and adults to grow alongside one another. Our community members are offered opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Community-based model

Our programs aren’t just our programs. Our space isn’t our space. Everything we do, and all of our facilities are for our neighbors. We may be the host, but the party only starts when we all come together.

I remember growing up as a youth -as a teenager – and a group of folks really invested in me personally. Using their time, talents and treasures to really empower me. By the grace of God, I was able to become who I am today. 

It would have been cool if someone was pouring into my entire family. I’m the oldest of 3 boys. In my family, I was one of the first to go to college. It’s like: I got a chance to grow because of the investment people made in me, but I always look back at the missed opportunity for my family. It always replayed in my mind: ‘man just imagine if my entire family was invested in the way that I was invested in.’ We would have whole families of leaders in the 9th ward now.

So, that’s what we do at Thrive 9th Ward; we try to invest in families.”

Oscar Brown

Director of Thrive 9th Ward

Summer Camp

Our Annual Summer Camp serves families with children ages 5-12. From the beginning of June to mid-July, we take them on field trips, swimming, they play sports and games, advance their reading, and get creative.

“Thriving” Young Ladies Weekly Empowerment Session

Young women are invited into our safe space to talk about their lives and work on personal growth. Ages 12-18 are welcome at 5:30pm on Tuesdays at our 3600 Desire Pkwy center.

ThriveLeague Basketball

Learn the basics of basketball and how to work as a team! Program runs in the fall and has no league fees.

High School Coding Classes

Our spring coding classes teach high schoolers, grades 10-12, to build websites, apps, and video games. No cost to students. Full scholarships. Graduates up to 21 years may apply.

Legal Re-Entry Clinics

If you were incarcerated at least 2 months, attorneys are available every third Wednesday of the month with free legal assistance. Registration begins at 5pm or until the space is filled.

We empower families, communities, and businesses across
New Orleans to Thrive.

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