We Help Families, Communities, And Businesses Thrive

Leverage Your Expertise, Connections, and Funding to create a Thriving New Orleans

Our Thrive Strategy 

We provide jobs and job training through our thrift store, Restoration Thrift.

We help underserved, urban entrepreneurs start and grow their own small businesses through Launch NOLA.

We develop homes and community assets in the 7th, 8th and 9th Wards of New Orleans through Thrive Housing.

How We Change Lives 


We envision a world where nothing is missing and nothing is broken, where all things have been renewed and where people and communities are thriving. 


So, instead of focusing on temporary relief efforts, we focus our efforts on helping people build assets and develop into what they were created to be. As they thrive, neighborhoods thrive and the city thrives. 


Leverage your LIFE so others can thrive. In so doing, you too will thrive. Here's how you can partner.


Mentor an Entrepreneur

Volunteer at Restoration Thrift

Help Build a House



Host an event

Connect us to others

Leverage your network



Be a Monthly Donor

Fund Special Projects

Donate Property or Stocks

Planned Giving


Be a Guest Speaker for Launch NOLA

Serve on a Committee

Help with Strategy

What people are saying

"As a business owner, I want to make sure my giving is actually changing lives. Thrive New Orleans has shown time and again their ability to leverage my donations to bring about real change."



“It has been such a joy to give to Thrive for many years. Their impact on lives is amazing. We’re so blessed to have the privilege to partner with them. We trust them to do great things with the money we give”


-Diane & Gary

"We love that our connection with Thrive New Orleans isn't transactional. We have become dear friends with the leadership and even the neighbors impacted by their work.  We are grateful to be authentic partners of this ministry through our time, talent and treasure."


-Mark & Barbara

Our Funders and Core Partners


Many people in our community face obstacles to meaningful work, to affordable housing, and to fulfilling their lifelong dreams of starting a business.  For many, they simply lack the confidence. For others, they lack the skills and network. For some, a marred past keeps them out.  Whatever the reason, they often feel stuck in a hopeless cycle and powerless to change their circumstances. We believe, though, that God made all of us to thrive.


We have walked with more than 1,000 people over the past 10 years helping them overcome roadblocks in life.  Today, we focus on providing affordable housing, job training, and business training.  As we provide people with a place to call home, employ and train them in meaningful work, and help them realize their small business dreams, we see their hope restored and their dignity affirmed.  Instead of being caught up in cycles of poverty or hopelessness, lives are changed, families are changed, and neighborhoods are changed. 





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Our offices are located on the second floor of Launch NOLA's HUB on Claiborne Ave. 






(504) 564-7739


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