Creating a City Where Everyone Can Thrive

Through relational programs that develop people, create inclusive opportunities, and build flourishing communities. 


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Relational Work. Measurable Impact.

Our city thrives only when it’s people thrive. We believe that the most lasting change comes by marrying real outcomes with deeply relational work. 

Developing People

Our city’s greatest asset and best hope is it’s people. By focusing on programs that develop character, skills, and community, we plant seeds that not only bear in the short term, but yield results that reach for generations.

Creating Opportunity

Everyone deserves the opportunity to flourish. Yet many in lower income communities aren’t presented the chance. We leverage our programs, platforms, and network to create inclusive opportunities for all to thrive.

Building Community

Alone, we fall. Together we rise. By connecting networks and creating relationships between community members, our programs build resilient and supportive communities.

Impacting Individuals and Families

Quote from funder about the impact they’ve seen us have on individuals and families

Transforming Communities

Quote from funder about the community impact they’ve seen through our work.

    Building Community and Developing Neighbors since 2008

    With over 12 years of experience serving the felt needs of the communities where we live and work, Thrive Pillar Programs continue to act as catalysts for meaningful community outcomes.

    Neighbors Directly Served Through Thrive 9th Ward in 2019

    Approximate Value of Clothing Donated to Hurricane Laura Evacuees through Restoration Thrift


    Avg percentage below market rate that Thrive Housing offers it's rentals

    Businesses Strengthened Through Launch NOLA


    Avg Pay Increase Thrive Works Graduates Received

    Kevin's Story

    After a fire forced Kevin and his family out of their apartment in 2019, home was never the same. Living with extended family, while a blessing, made it hard to find peace and a space of his own.
    Thrive Housing was able to match Kevin with a new apartment, and starting Dec 1st, Kevin moved into a space he can once again call his own to rest after his work at Launch NOLA and Restoration Thrift.

    With the stability of an affordable place to call home and reliable work, Kevin went on to receive his bachelor’s degree and begin studying for his Master’s from Union Baptist Seminary.

    Hear From Those We Serve



    Thrive has helped us grow and develop as leaders, businesses owners, and community members. We would not be where we are today without them.

    Darren and Earlisha

    Darren and Earlisha

    When I first got involved in Thrive's programs, my family and I were struggling to get by. Now, through their CDL training and community programs, I have a new job and a strong support system for my family.



    Thrive has wrapped their arms around me. They opened the door for work and housing, and drew me into a community where now, I feel like family.

    We Believe in Building Collaborative, Trusted Partnerships

    “Thrive’s approach to partnership has allowed both of our organizations to serve the community and advance our work in dramatic ways; reaching more residents, more meaningfully, and providing greater resources and support than either of us could alone. “

    Dana Eness, Executive Director, Urban Conservancy

    “When organizations partner with one another the way that Thrive does, their capacity and impact increase. Ultimately, this means that the families and communities of our city experience better outcomes. Our city needs more organizations who can partner like Thrive does.”

    Mr Funder, Program Manager, Important Foundation

    Make An Investment That Changes Lives

    When you make a donation to Thrive New Orleans, your gift is an investment in the lives of the neighbors we serve. Each dollar helps develop leaders, open doors to economic opportunity, and creates places, spaces, and programs that build flourishing communities.

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