Chuck Morse, Thrive’s Executive Director (center), sits alongside Co-Founder of JAMNOLA (pictured right) and Host of WWNO’s Public Radio Show “Out to Lunch,” Peter Ricchiuti (pictured left)

“As we look at the survival and resilience of our city, we must address these issues now.

Thrive is looking at ‘what is the future economy?’

‘Where are the future dollars for small businesses?’

‘Where are the future jobs?’

And [the future economy is] in resiliency, environmental concerns, and the challenges that we face every day living in our city.

We wanted to be ahead of the curve and train people for these future opportunities. Not only the people who usually get access to them, but we want to make sure that black and brown people also can get educated, get these jobs and these contracts, but also share that education with others in their community about how to be better stuarts of this great creation.

Its’ time for us to be stuarts and leaders in that space.”

“We think that this city is a rich cultural hub – a Mecca. There’s so much opportunity here. And we want to make sure that a rising tide does raise all ships. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish.”

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