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The Local Banker Who Went Above and Beyond to Help Organizations Receive Relief Funding

The initial round of Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) funding lasted only a few days before government funds ran out.

Toni Dixon made that short window of time count for Thrive New Orleans.

Toni has been an active supporter of Thrive's mission over the years, from helping Launch NOLA businesses navigate business banking to sitting on Thrive's board. She has always been someone who makes an intentional choice to leverage her L.I.F.E. on behalf of others. But during the pandemic, Toni's decision to leverage her life played a vital role in the sustainability of Thrive New Orleans and our staff through a season of unknown. The moment our organization decided to pursue PPP funding to provide stability and funding for furloughed staff, Toni was by our side.

An Ally to Help Navigate The Unknown

When the government first rolled out the new program, the application process was daunting, confusing, and ever-changing: making the application process a very real hurdle and leaving a lot on the line.

Yet at every step Toni leveraged her Labor and Expertise to help Thrive navigate the application process as swiftly as possible, resulting in funding that has helped preserve jobs for hourly staff across Thrive's four programs. By choosing to work closely and intentionally with us through the application process, Toni also better equipped Thrive's team to in turn serve other businesses and nonprofits in our community as they applied for PPP funding. We are grateful for the way that Toni has committed to leveraging her L.I.F.E. over the years, and especially blessed by her choice to go above and beyond to help Thrive and other community organizations during this season of unknowns and challenges.

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