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The Construction Coach Helping Green Infrastructure Businesses Lay a Stronger Foundation

Updated: Aug 27

When sports scouts look for players with great potential, they look beyond technique. They look for raw talent, and the drive to win. They understand that those with the right intangibles and motivation can be shaped and formed into some of the greatest players.

All it takes is the right coach.

For young landscaping and construction businesses, Cedric Patin has stepped up as the right coach for the job by leveraging his L.I.F.E.

Developing Raw Talent

Through Launch NOLA Green, Thrive has had the opportunity to walk alongside many small green sector businesses as this lawn-care, landscaping, and construction businesses work to strengthen and grow their business while breaking into the budding stormwater management industry here in New Orleans.

These business owners, across the board, are the players bursting with raw talent. Moreover, they're the ones who see the vision and have chosen to start changing and growing their business, so they're motivated too. But to break into larger jobs, and to take on the kinds of substantial contracts that can truly build up a sustainable business requires molding raw talent into real technique and expertise.

That's precisely where Cedric Patin comes in. Cedric has chosen to leverage his L.I.F.E. to stand in the gap for Launch NOLA Green Alumni like Greg and Nicole Nixon as a coach and mentor.

The Difference a L.I.F.E. Can Make

Across the board, Cedric has made the decision to leverage his Labor, and the labor of his team to help Launch NOLA Green (LNG) alumni to develop and revise estimates and bids. By advocating for them he's used his Influence to build up the LNG businesses and has gone as far as to support some in financing materials costs and equipment to see them succeed. And after a long career having worked on thousands of job sites, Cedric is constantly coaching up the businesses in best practices by leveraging his Expertise.

Chuck Morse, Thrive's E.D. remarked, "As a business owner, the choice Cedric has made to Leverage his L.I.F.E. on behalf of others doesn't always make sense on paper. But the impact of his decision is helping small businesses get to the next level. It's changing businesses, it's changing families, and it's creating a stronger stormwater management workforce here in our city. You can't put a dollar amount on that."

We all have unique gifts and abilities, and regardless of whether you chose to leverage your Labor, your Influence, your Finances, or your Expertise when you choose to commit to using what you have for others as Cedric has, neighbors, families, and businesses flourish.

Leverage your L.I.F.E. on behalf of the families, communities, and businesses that Thrive NOLA walks alongside.

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