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Local CPA Phyllis Cassidy Leverages her L.I.F.E to Support Minority-Owned Businesses

Updated: May 6

How a local Accountant and Business Expert is leveraging her Expertise and Influence to provide New Orleans business owners with the tools for success!

If COVID-19 has created any positive impact, it’s shedding light on the astonishing resilience and compassion within the New Orleans community. Now, more than ever, communities are pulling together to support each other by leveraging their L.I.F.E.

But what does that support look like?

For CPA and Small Business Expert Phyllis Cassidy, it looks like using her expertise to help small businesses in New Orleans survive economic hardship.

Supporting her community is nothing new for Phyllis. Prior to retirement, Phyllis had founded the Good Work Network, a non-profit that works to catalyze women and minority-owned businesses. Now, even in her retirement, Phyllis has continued working closely with the city’s small business communities to equip them with the tools for success through Thrive New Orleans.

Teaming up With Local Businesses to Find Relief

In light of COVID-19, Phyllis has teamed up with Launch NOLA to support small business owners who have been severely affected by the economic impacts of the virus. Launch NOLA seeks to equip, connect, and empower entrepreneurs of color, many of whom have taken a big financial hit from the virus.

“We’ve been working to help about 50 businesses apply for SBA loans and unemployment insurance,” says Phyllis. “I understand all of the federal forms, so I can be of service. But I know many folks don’t.”

From home, Phyllis has been tirelessly working to equip business owners with the resources they need to understand forms and processes that can be difficult to understand if you don’t have a background in finances. For many, she takes the time to write out detailed instructions for the application processes and coaches business owners by phone.

Leveraging her Life to Address a Deeper Issue

“I don’t want this to be another opportunity for marginalized business owners to fall through the cracks,” says Phyllis.

Phyllis hopes for systemic change in our current economic system; one that will allow more small businesses to flourish. In New Orleans, there is a deep history of neglect and mistrust between marginalized people and financial institutions, and this has caused a lack of opportunity and agency for many looking to create a thriving business.

But Phyllis is confident and hopeful that these business owners have what it takes to overcome economic adversity.

“Small business-owners are amazingly resilient. They know what it’s like to operate under adversity, in an economic system that is not always kind to them. I’m optimistic that these businesses will pull through, or find a way to restart” says Phyllis.

Phyllis’s commitment to community outreach has played an essential role in building a stronger, thriving New Orleans. We are incredibly grateful for Phyllis’s contributions and assistance in creating a stronger, well-informed network of entrepreneurs and business owners within our Thrive NOLA community. It is not every day that someone leverages their life with such a level of sacrifice and commitment and we are blessed to have Phyllis Cassidy as a partner in our mission to create a thriving New Orleans.

We all have unique gifts and abilities, and regardless of whether you chose to leverage your Labor, your Influence, your Finances, or your Expertise, when you choose to commit to using what you have for others, like Phyllis Cassidy has, neighbors, families, and businesses flourish.

Leverage your L.I.F.E. on behalf of the families, communities, and businesses that Thrive NOLA walks alongside.



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