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Launch NOLA Welcomes New Director, Kayti Chung Williams

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Launch NOLA began supporting underserved entrepreneurs in 2015, when it hosted its first Business Academy, graduating roughly 10 entrepreneurs.

Three and a half years later, Launch NOLA now has over 130 alumni who have graduated from the Business Academy, and is regularly hosting 2-3 business academies simultaneously in order to serve the many gifted entrepreneurs of New Orleans.

Leadership to Take Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

Amidst the growth and development of both the programs and businesses they serve, as well as the intentional relocation of their offices and coworking space onto the Claiborne Corridor, Launch NOLA is honored to welcome Kayti Chung Williams as the new Launch NOLA Director.

“What Kayti brings to the table aligns with the mission, purpose, and vision of Launch NOLA. She has the unique ability to create real impact and results and being anchored in caring for and supporting individuals. All while striving and advocating for equity.” Said Thrive Executive Director Morse, who had previously served as Launch NOLA Director before transitioning to his current role.

"I believe whole-heartedly that (Kayti's) leadership will help Launch NOLA reach new heights in the way it serves and empowers local businesses to reach even greater heights”.
Chuck Morse, Executive Director of Thrive New Orleans

As she steps into this role, Kayti brings with her extensive experience in entrepreneurship, holistic community development, and coaching and counseling. Having moved to New Orleans 10 years ago, she has been intentional in her commitment and rootedness in the St Roch neighborhood, where she lives and is a member of the Leadership Council at St Roch Community Church. It was in this neighborhood that she launched and grew several businesses, including her most recent business, Koreole, a catering company offering Korean-Creole fusion dishes.

What's Next for Launch NOLA

Kayti expressed feeling especially honored by the opportunity to work with local businesses and community organizations on the Claiborne Corridor. "Claiborne Ave has a history of inequity and systemic racism. Yet there is an energy and richness in the people and culture that could not be put down. It’s humbling really, and comes with real responsibility, that we have the chance to be a part of empowering others through whatever resources we have by partnering with the entire Claiborne Corridor to create a better, more equitable, more inclusive future."

As her journey as Director begins, Kayti has already mentioned plans to create new opportunities for Launch NOLA Alumni to grow through coaching and regular events, while continuing to grow and improve the Business Academies and Bootcamps to serve new entrepreneurs.

“Partnership is the key. We’re surrounded by incredibly talented businesses and organizations that generate millions of dollars and thousands of opportunities within New Orleans larger business ecosystem. The vision is for Launch NOLA and our partners is to be an ecosystem for small, minority owned businesses that connects them to the New Orleans larger economy by fostering intentional partnerships that build bridges, where historically there have been barriers.

When asked about her thoughts on her role as director, her eyes lit up as she remarked with a tone of deep appreciation...

“I get to meet entrepreneurs who are geniuses in their own regard each day. I can't wait to see them grow exponentially".

To learn more about Kayti and Launch NOLA’s renewed work equipping, connecting, and empowering small businesses across New Orleans, as well as to apply to Launch NOLA’s Business Academies, please visit us online, at www.LaunchNOLA.org, or come by the Launch NOLA Hub at 1433 N Claiborne Ave during business hours.



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