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How Bart’s Office Inc. is Leveraging their L.I.F.E to Support the Community

How a local office relocation company is leveraging their expertise and influence to furnish and supply New Orleans businesses, causes, and ministries with the tools for success!

As spring rolls around, many of us are using spring cleaning as an opportunity to take what we don’t need and find better uses for them. Whether we’re donating our outgrown clothing, gently-used books, or furniture, allowing others to repurpose our once-loved treasures is one of the best ways to let go of what we don’t need, reduce our environmental impact and form tight bonds within our communities.

But a local office relocation company, Bart’s Office Inc. is taking the concept of donating to the next level, supplying a number of New Orleans businesses, schools, and churches with the furniture and supplies that they need to succeed!

An all women-owned operation, Bart’s specializes in moving commercial businesses in the most efficient and cost-effective way, using their strong communication skills to make the process of moving as easy as possible. If you’ve visited the new MSY airport, then you’ve already seen Bart’s work, as they piloted the move from the old airport to the new one!

Finding Better Homes for Once-Loved Goods

In the office relocation industry, companies don’t always repurpose their old furniture and supplies after a move, leaving a large amount of high quality, gently-used supplies without a home. These can range from office supplies like post-its and pencils to large pieces of furniture like desks and file cabinets.

In response to the growing inventory that Bart’s accumulates from decommissioning offices, they often look for non-profits, churches, schools and other businesses that need the supplies! Past donations from Bart’s have gone to women’s shelters, schools, and more.

In addition to helping the community, Bart’s is a Certified Green company for its efforts to offset landfill through recycling furniture and cardboard.

“My father was huge into recycling and really taught me the importance of investing in the community!”, says Ashley Thibodeaux Herbert, CEO of Bart’s Office Inc. “It’s such a symbiotic relationship, and I have an issue throwing things away, especially if they’re valuable.”

Making a Difference in the Community

Thrive Nola has developed a long-standing relationship with Bart’s which has allowed us to receive Bart’s charitable donations, but also to connect them with local churches to help them meet their needs.

One such church that has benefitted from Bart's generosity and partnership with Thrive was Old Zion Baptist Church in the Treme neighborhood, who received high-quality fans, desks, chairs and more.

“They received me with no questions,” says Pastor Darien Ford of Old Zion Baptist Church. “If they have it, and you need it, it’s yours”.

The level of generosity and outreach from the Bart’s team is an excellent example of what it means to leverage your resources and influence in the community to change lives and help others grow their businesses, causes, and ministries across the city.

“It’s fun for me! It feels good to know that we’re helping people grow their businesses or make their dreams come true in some small way. You truly can’t ask for too much” Thibodeaux Herbert remarks.

“When people in the community are succeeding, everyone is succeeding,” says Ali Swidler, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Bart’s.

Bart’s commitment to community outreach has played an essential role in building a stronger, thriving New Orleans. We are incredibly grateful for the charitable donations Thrive offices have received on behalf of Bart’s generosity, and for the connections and investments that Bart’s has made in our community. It is not every day that a company leverages its L.I.F.E to serve others, and we are blessed to have Bart’s as a partner in our mission to create a thriving New Orleans.

We all have unique gifts and abilities, and regardless of whether you chose to leverage your Labor, your Influence, your Finances, or your Expertise, when you choose to commit to using what you have for others, like the team at Bart’s Office Inc. have, neighbors, families, and businesses flourish.

Leverage your L.I.F.E. on behalf of the families, communities, and businesses that Thrive NOLA walks alongside.



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