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Earn More Doing Work You're Proud Of

Get Trained, Get Paid, and Get Placed in a Career Creating a Brighter Future For Our City as a Proud Green Professional

Steady Jobs.

Good Pay.

Proud Work.

Thrive NDR's Green Pro Apprenticeship Prepares Residents To Enjoy

As Professionals in New Orleans' Growing Green Infrastructure Industry

Thrive NDR Graduates Earn More


During Their 7-Week Apprenticeship

Through Our Earn and Learn Model

60% More

Per hour

Than Untrained Construction Workers


Can Earn Over

Graduates Earn Up To

Kickstart Your Career

Thrive NDR's Green Pro Apprenticeship Sets You Up For Success, Equipping You With

Marketable Skills

Learn to ace interviews, create a resume that seta you apart, and make a winning impression.

 A Paid ApprenticeShip

Get paid to learn by working on real projects as a Green Pro Apprentice.

Job Placement

Get placed in a job after program completion.

Career Growth Opportunities

Develop your skills, and advance your career as a crew leader and green expert.

Our Team Helps You Prep For Success

Once you submit your application, your Thrive NDR career coach will get with you to help you get set for success, making sure your ready for when the next session starts.

Earn + Learn as a

Green Pro Apprentice

After your Next Level Skills Training, you'll jump straight into Thrive NDR's cutting edge, hands-on and in-class training. This is where you learn what it takes to become a real Green Professional, working on real projects for industry leaders, and getting paid to do it.






Apply, Quick & Easy 

If you're ready to start your journey to a well paying career in Green Inftrastructure, you can apply online or in person. Applying is quick, easy, and our team is ready to help if you have any questions.

Attend Next Level Skills Training

Your journey begins with one week of Next Level Skills Training, where you learn how to create resumes that stand out, how to ace an interview, and strengthen the skills you'll need as a Green Professional to overcome challenges on the worksite.

Start Your Career As a Green Professional

When your apprenticeship ends, your career begins. The Thrive NDR Alliance works to match you with employers, so that you can begin your career building a better future for your family, neighbors, and city as a Green Professional.​​

Your Journey To A Well Paying Job As a Green Professional Starts Here


Start Your Journey To A


As storms grow worse, sea levels rise, and pumps get overwhelmed, flooding threatens our city now more than ever.


Thrive NDR Green Pro Apprenticeship Graduates use their expertise to help create a stronger, more sustainable future for New Orleans by working on innovative landscaping and construction projects that reduce flooding.


As the need to combat flooding continues to rise, the demand for specially trained, reliable workers grows, with employers ready to pay a premium over untrained labor for these specialized jobs.


Imagine the pride and purpose of going to work each day knowing that you are helping build a better future for your city.


Imagine the relief of not having to work several jobs, because your employer values your expertise.


That's what it feels like to be a Thrive NDR Graduate.

Thrive NDR: Not Your Average Job Training Program

Thrive NDR Offers

Real Money + Real Jobs

  • Thrive NDR Helps Cover Transporation Costs During the Program

  • Start Earning $12/hr after the first week

  • Thrive NDR Connects Graduates with Employers, So You Can Go From Apprentice to Employed Overnight

Serious Support

  • Thrive NDR Coaches  Are There To Support Every Step of the Way

  • With 12+ Thrive NDR Alliance Partners, You Gain a Family of Support & Connections.

  • Be Part of an Ambitious Group of  Rising Green Professionals, Pushing You To Be Your Best

Cutting Edge Training

  • Learn From Innovative Green Industry Experts

  • Work in Apprenticeships with Innovative Leaders 

  • Earn Licenses and Certifications To Boost Your Resume and Pay

The Thrive NDR Alliance

Together Empowering a Local Workforce To Build a More Resilient New Orleans

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Ready to Earn More As a Green Professional?

Launch your career as an innovative, respected, and valuable contributor to New Orleans growing Green Infrastructure Industry



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