At The Intersection of People and the Environment

How New Orleans Locals are using Green Infrastructure* Stormwater Management* to transform their city’s neighborhoods.

Our Water problem:

New Orleans is commonly described as a “bowl” because of how heavily the city floods.

Rain falls onto concrete and slips right off into the drains. The overwhelming amount of water thats runs off of the concrete fills the pumps. Once the pumps are full, the city floods. Flooding threatens everyone who lives in the city.

Our system pumps water out as fast as it can into the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain. While this gets a lot of the water out of the city, the city slowly sinks as the river and lake waters rise. This makes the problem worse each time it floods.

Thrive’s Solution

Training Business Owners to lead Green Infrastructure projects


Teaching dedicated workers to install the green designs

*Green Infrastructure is a term that describes many different ways to construct buildings, homes, and spaces while maintaining the natural environment and eco-systems and reducing flooding and water run-off.

Our Completed Green Infrastructure Sites Across the City

Ms. Yolanda's Gentilly Home

Completed June of 2021

Ms. Peggy's Gentilly Home

Ms. Karen's Gentilly Home

Completed August 2021

Ms. Denise's Gentilly Home

Completed June 2021


The Wilsons' Gentilly Home

Completed August 2021

Stronger Hope Baptist Church Outdoor Spaces Installation

Completed April 2021

Jerusalem Baptist Church Permeable Lot Installation

Completed June 2021

How can we live in harmony with our environment?

We – in the South and in Louisiana – have water as a valuable resource.

Instead of looking at it as “get the water out.. get it away,” we need to learn how to co-exist with that water.

We can do that through good management and proper, functional designs.

Parker Davies

Thrive Launch Business Green Academy Graduate, Owner of Louisiana Land Art

The impact of the [green infrastructure] work that we’re doing here is huge.

I think it’s going to help pretty much the whole city.

– Greg Nixon, One of our Thrive Launch Business Green Program Graduates, Ubuntu Construction

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750+ Neighbors Served

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Celebrating Reedy Brooks and Greg and Nicole Nixon

City of NOLA appoints Thrive as a National Disaster Resilience Operator

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