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Investing in Change

If we are to see lasting, systemic change occur in New Orleans, we must invest in the success of neighborhood leaders from marginalized neighborhoods. Here's why. Hallmarks of a healthy community include thriving businesses, a strong workforce, and homeowners. When these are lacking, neighborhoods struggle and the city struggles to enjoy the peace and prosperity it desires. 


If we do not invest in strategies to empower these neighborhood leaders, generational poverty and all its entrapments will continue to plague our city. 


Most efforts to care for those in need focus on relief of the symptoms of poverty and injustice. We must focus on supporting, equipping and connecting leaders throughout these communities that are making courageous steps every day to bring about change.  


While most people critique, blame, fear and avoid the inner-city, you have the opportunity to invest in real change. 


Imagine the transformation of New Orleans if her most notoriously "bad" neighborhoods were flourishing, not because gentrification pushed the "bad elements" out but because caring people leveraged their labor, influence, finances, and expertise to ensure that others could thrive. 


If all you got from partnering with Thrive New Orleans was a tax receipt and the satisfaction of giving, it would be worth it. However, the truth is the greatest joy in life comes from sacrificially and generously investing in the success of others. Giving has a profound impact on transforming us. 


As a city, and as people of this city, we are at a crossroads. We must decide if we will invest in strategies that will produce systemic change so that everyone has the opportunity to flourish. 


Donate today and be a part of equipping, connecting and inspiring neighborhood heroes so they thrive, their neighborhoods thrive, the city thrives and you thrive.



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